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Prevention Rewards

In this program, each family member enrolled with Dominion who receives two cleanings during the plan year will be reimbursed for their $10 office visit copayments made to the dentist at the time of service, a total reimbursement of $20 per family member per year. Dominion will submit a check for the reimbursements to the primary subscriber at the end of the plan year. If you participate with FSAFEDS, Dominion may coordinate the reimbursement through your FSA.

If you and your family members each received your two cleanings for 2018, visit Surveymonkey.com/r/FEDVIPrewards2018 to fill out a brief survey and claim your Prevention Rewards, which will reimburse the $20 copay for each family member that received their two cleanings.

Please note that if you take advantage of the additional third cleaning offered at a reduced fee, the additional cleaning will not be reimbursed.