Welcome Federal Employees & Retirees

What is the Prevention Rewards Program?

Each family member enrolled with Dominion who receives two cleanings during the plan year will be reimbursed for their $10 office visit copayments made to the dentist at the time of service (a total reimbursement of $20 per family member). Dominion will submit a check for the reimbursement(s) to the primary subscriber at the end of the plan year. If you participate with FSAFEDS, Dominion may coordinate the reimbursement through your FSA.

What if my current plan is paying for a child currently in treatment for orthodontia?

When a member becomes effective with Dominion and is currently in treatment, Dominion will pay a total of $500 to the orthodontist for the remaining treatment, or the balance remaining from the previous insurer’s agreed-upon payment amount, whichever is lower. The member will be responsible for paying the difference remaining between the previous insurer’s payment, Dominion’s payment of $500, and the previous insurer’s total allowable. Dominion’s payment will be paid in one lump sum upon receiving the claim.

When can I make an appointment with my plan dentist?

Once you have received your enrollment confirmation email or Membership ID Card and you have selected your participating dentist, simply call your dentist’s office to make an appointment. Your plan dentist’s name and phone number are listed on the front of your ID card. If you have not received a card, you may contact our Member Services Department for information on scheduling an appointment.

Can I use any dentist?

No, you must use a participating dentist in Dominion’s Select Plan (Dental HMO) network prior to receiving service. You will have the choice of any participating dentist in our Select Plan (Dental HMO) network, which is one of the largest DHMO networks in the Mid-Atlantic.

Does this plan cover emergency treatment when out-of-area?

Your plan has coverage for emergency treatment due to injury, toothache or accident when temporarily more than 50 miles from your home. Out-of-area emergency care is covered for palliative (pain management) treatment only. The member is not required to call their assigned dentist but must send in a copy of receipt to Dominion for reimbursement. Dominion will reimburse up to $100 in these cases.

All claims for emergency treatment need to be submitted to the following address:
Dominion National
ATTN: Accounting Dept